Celebrating over 50s: three tips for making the best of today

1.      Spend time with others

Spending time with friends and family can of course reduce loneliness and stress but will also keep you honest and increase your feeling of safety and security.

And there’s nothing like a laugh with a good friend to make your day more memorable.

2.      Keep learning

Research shows that keeping mentally active can increase your brain’s vitality and even generate new brain cells!

Whether it’s a daily Sudoku or seeing new places, going to shows, learning new skills or uncovering history, the moral of the story is to keep learning!

3.      Be active

Being physically fit can mean different things to different people—if you’re a weight lifting superstar—keep it up! But being active can be as simple as getting your body moving for 3x 10 minute blocks per day. Start small and keep it gentle to begin with.

Take a walk with a friend, go swimming or perhaps a tour with your favourite coach and holiday company?

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