Exploring the outback to support farmers

Over recent months we have heard a lot about how farmers are doing it tough, with much of Australia recording some of the worst drought it has seen in 20 years. Hopefully, by the time you read this, Spring may have brought with it some relieving rains and changing fortunes, but continued rain is needed.

It has been inspiring to witness many individuals and companies donating to support farmers and their fellow Australians.

Another way you can help is by travelling—see the many interesting, historical and creative sights and attractions that are keeping farming communities thriving. Invest in local accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions, which keeps the economy going and provides other opportunities for growth.

In our October 2018 holiday brochure you’ll see some fascinating outback adventures:

We’ve got every state of Australia covered in this brochure, giving you the opportunity to explore every part of our beautiful country.

So please join us in discovering the magnificent places of Australia, and the experiences and local people who make it memorable.

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